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  • Vegan and Zero Waste Skincare Formul
  • Vegan and Zero Waste Skincare Formul

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All we want is for you to have gorgeous healthy skin without being exposed to harmful toxins, trashing the planet or hurting animals .... so we kept it simple and made it happen!

We teach because it matters to us!

  • From ancient traditions to the modern take on skincare, we only make the best recipes at our workshops.

  • Embrace the power of botanicals in your skincare using ingredients that provide nutrition for your skin

  • We make formulating fun and a simple process so you will be confident enough to make it again at home.

  • All the products you make are checked for pH and stability.

  • We teach you to use surfactants, humectants, emulsifiers, just like the professional formulators so you and your skin are safe. We are qualified in our field. 

  • Everything we make is VEGAN and Cruelty-Free.

Our workshops are filled with skin enriching ingredients, simple processes and lots of information. We keep the groups small so you get the most out of each session and learn how to adjust recipes to your skin type and conditions. 

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Workshops make a perfect gift for anyone who loves learning a new skill, trying out a new hobby, are vegans, love their skin, want to reduce plastic waste, and much more. Trust us, there are so many reasons for gifting, you just have to find yours! 

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We teach you to make your own skincare through a fun and creative way. We keep it simple, but behind the scenes, we finalise each recipe based on research, source of ingredients, it's benefits, the process and the end chemistry of the product. It's this consideration that gives us our purpose!

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If you are looking to do something unique for a hen party, corporate event, baby shower, pampering party, or just because you are a bunch of good friends who want to try something fun, we are here to make it happen. Email us today!

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We discuss the various ingredients that we work with. Their uses, benefits, and purpose. We also talk about home products, toxins, zero-waste, vegan lifestyle and more. Sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you in the loop with everything that goes on here at skin I care. 



" Thank you for a lovely workshop today! My friends and I had a wonderful time, you made us feel so welcome and you were so informative. The products we made are gorgeous and we are definitely keen to learn more. It was such good value; I'll be recommending it to everyone. Thank you and hopefully see you soon! "


—  Amy, LONDON