Creating inspiration, creativity, and experience for women to make their own unique skincare, whilst being mindful of the planet and kind to animals. All our ingredients are naturally derived, vegan-friendly, and skin kind.

Britt, Newcastle

My niece LOVED the sets and even mailed a few samples down for me try, really liked the little lotion bars! This is definitely something I would get for again, as she loves making stuff.

Meg, Northants

The products we made are gorgeous and we are definitely keen to learn more. It was such good value, I'll be recommending it to everyone. Thank you and hopefully see you soon!

Deepa, Whetstone

All the girls loved making the lavender pillows and the rainbow bath bombs. The excitement was amazing as they were creating their own special piece of art that too with all natural ingredients!

Amy Edwards, London

The products we made are gorgeous and we are definitely keen to learn more. It was such good value, I'll be recommending it to everyone. Thank you and hopefully see you soon!

Anuma, London

We made lotion bars, and they turned out to be little cuties. Thank you so much, it was total fun.

What do people say about us?

Making your own skincare can get addictive and that's why we created subscription box!

Sometimes you just need more than a one-off experience and we completely agree! So we suggest you sign up for our subscription box. 

Just pick a plan and then each month we deliver 3 recipes in a box, straight to your door so you can focus on making and learning! The boxes contain everything you need to make your skincare, without any money wasted on shopping around for ingredients, checking their details, and paying for delivery.

The recipes and directions provided are easy to understand and follow, we also include information about each ingredient. Because if you are anything like me, you want to know what you are putting on your skin. 

Our DIY subscription boxes are the perfect gift for the makers in your life. Show someone how special they are by taking the time to gift a DIY skin project. Imagine their delight each month as they open their surprise box filled with exciting recipes and ingredients!


Why must you buy from us?


  • From ancient traditions to the modern take on skincare, we adopt this knowledge and pass it onto you through our recipes. 

  • Our ingredients embrace the natural power of botanicals and the gifts of science, so your skin can benefit from the nutrition.

  • After intense research, several trials, and testing the products on our own skin, we aim to make formulating a fun and simple process.

  • We feel that introducing you to use surfactants, humectants, emulsifiers, just like the professional formulators do, you will see that you can achieve the same results as the store-bought products. 

  • Everything we make is Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

  • And hopefully, like us, you will be confident enough to make it, again and again, at home.

A little bit about us

Our purpose is to give you the experience of having gorgeous healthy skin without being exposed to harmful toxins, trashing the planet, or hurting animals. And we believe the best way to do this, is by teaching you how to make your own skincare. 

Behind the scenes, we are a lab, a packing unit, an office, and finding ways to make our boxes an inspiration for you! We finalise our boxes based on research, source of ingredients, it's benefits, the process and the end chemistry of the product.


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