Selfcare through Skincare

Make your own skincare and create your own rituals with our monthly box. 

3 step by step recipes, naturally derived vegan ingredients, and lots of learning material delivered to you in a convenient box.  

As women, we are inherently tribal. We are meant to gather with other women, to care for one another, participate in ceremony and be in circles. Unfortunately we often lack this connection in our modern lives, where we work in cubicles, frequently care for our families alone, and have mothers and sisters who live far away. Our days pass without a sense of reverence and community, and we’re left with a powerful yearning for connection. We at skinicare believe, rituals provide a connection.


Rituals are the simplest and biggest way you can honour yourself and enhance your wellbeing. It is the difference between rushing through a shower and consciously connecting with your body; between hastily splashing on your body oil and taking the time to indulge your senses; between speeding through your bedtime routine and savouring it with gratitude. Mindfulness and intention are the first steps in turning a routine into a ritual. It transforms selfcare from a chore to selflove. It's a beauty that shows from inside out.


We at skinicare not only want you to indulge your skin with natural handmade skincare but also add consciousness and intention to the ingredients, its benefits, appreciation for nature, and our bodies through skincare rituals. 

Every month we focus on a different part of the body and we work on it with intention and gratitude.  

Lips: Whether they’re thick, thin, pouty, or plump, we’ve all got ’em – and thank goodness we do! They help us speak, emote, eat, drink, and they have the all-important job of protecting our mouths. For bearing all of that responsibility, we have taken this month to love and cherish them. 

All orders placed this month will be posted in the first week of next month. 

What do people say about us?

"This is the best thing I have signed up for! Every month I get so excited when the skincare makers box arrives at my doorstep. It’s a complete surprise to what 3 products I will be making. I love that each recipe is designed by a formulator, includes so many new and unusual ingredients, and the process is so simple. I can now even read labels of products in the shops and can point out the Hydrosols, Emulsifiers, Surfactants, Gums, Preservatives and so much more! My knowledge and confidence to make my own is amazing. I highly recommend SKINICARE! It’s totally worth it!”  

Deepa, London

The products we made are gorgeous and we are definitely keen to learn more. It was such good value, I'll be recommending it to everyone. Thank you and hopefully see you soon!

Amy, London

We just made the sugar scrub (smells heavenly) and the lip balms. They were so much fun. You really are providing a wonderful service. My daughter and I cannot wait way next month

Meg, Northants

I recently purchased the clay mask box from Skin  I Care and was overwhelmed at how beautifully everything was packaged. This box was packed with so much love and care! I really like the fact that I can make my own natural products, and actually know what’s in them, and if I decided to make this into a business, I have the option to do that too. I can’t wait to make my own clay masks for myself and friends in the near future.

Denise, Enfield

"The ingredients were well organised, beautifully packaged, and arrived in good time. The class was enjoyable and I was really pleased with the products I made."

My niece LOVED the sets and even mailed a few samples down for me try, really liked the little lotion bars! This is definitely something I would get for again, as she loves making stuff.

Britt, Newcastle

Angela, London

Selfcare through Skincare Box

Selfcare through Skincare Box

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What will you experience?

Skin I Care, is a name that fits well with what we are doing, because like you, I like skincare and self care. As a qualified formulator we aim for our monthly box to help you learn to make your very own skincare at home that is safe, fun, and kind on your skin. And once you have learned how to create each month’s recipes you will be able to:

Self Love:


New beginnings often start with self-improvement, and the first step of self-improvement is self-love! Each month our box focusses on a different part of the body. This way you will be able to indulge yourself, care for yourself, and truly give yourself the attention you need and deserve. 

Personalise it:


Picking ingredients that are more suited to your skin type, adjusting recipes to suit the consistency you like, and most importantly re-applying the techniques and fundamental when making your own skincare.


Build Confidence:


You will know 100% of the ingredients you are using on your skin, how each ingredient works on your skin, and why they are in your skincare in the first place.


Show off:


Have you ever seen those homemade gifts that are in a cute packaging that are given out at parties or at Christmas? Well, you might just be this new cool person that can do this!


Figure it out together:


Our purpose is for you to learn, so if you are ever stuck, or something is not working out and you want us to get involved then we are here! We want this experience for you to be fun, creative, and educational!

A little bit about us

I am Krishna, the founder, and owner of skinIcare. After many years of trying to make my own skincare products, I was left disheartened by the unsafe recipes and upset over the money I had wasted buying ingredients that I was never going to use again!


I knew that I had to master this skill the right way and that too from the experts! So, I gained a qualification in Organic Skincare Formulation. After a few years of running workshops in London and at schools, I wanted to share my passion and knowledge for skincare formulations with more enthusiasts out there who couldn’t physically make it to the workshops and that’s how Skincare Makers box came to being.

We send emails like we create skincare. 

Essential, purposeful, and always worth the while.

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