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Introducing our August Box - Serums!

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Your first box will be sent within 3 days and the next box will be sent out by the 7th of the following month. 

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Using all the recipes and instructions, create your own personalised skincare. 

What do people say about us?

"The ingredients were well organised, beautifully packaged, and arrived in good time. The class was enjoyable and I was really pleased with the products I made."

Angela, London

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What's in the box?

Recipes are carefully designed for sensitive skin types and are suitable for Vegans. Boxes and its contents are either in reusable packaging (jars and bottles) or biodegradable or compostable packaging (bags and boxes) where possible.

Every month, you will receive everything you need to make your own THREE products for your skin. 

✔ The Ingredients, which are all naturally derived and Vegan friendly.

✔ 3 NEW Recipes, designed by qualified formulators, and are tried and tested.

✔ An ebook with information on skin types, DIY skincare essentials, how to calculate formulas, ingredient benefits, recipes, and more.


You will never receive the same box because every month we work on new recipes! And that's our promise to you.

Learning to make your skincare has never been so easy.

Our Workshop in Boxes are designed for:

  • Teenagers who are starting their journey with beauty and skincare. 

  • Women who are conscious of what they use on their skin. 

  • Our planet and animal lovers, who are learning to reduce waste and keeping it cruelty-free. 

  • Families, who enjoy bonding away from screen time, creating those instagramable moments! 

  • Current DIYers who want to take it the Next Level.

  • The ones who in their "me" time want to cherish the benefits of the ingredients in it’s the pure and natural form.

Deciding on our monthly box starts with examining every ingredient, its source, its benefits, its qualities, the process, and the end chemistry of the product. We do the research, formulation, and the trials, so you can focus on the making, having fun and being safe. 

We teach you to use surfactants, humectants, emulsifiers, preservatives just like the professional formulators so you get the full experience.


All the ingredients included are perfectly proportioned so there is no waste and it also saves your money buying individual ingredients that usually come in bigger volumes. 

All recipes come with information about each ingredient, so you can feel confident about what you are using on your skin and tailor recipes to suit your skin type.


Learning to make your own skincare, is just like cooking. You can develop skills that you can show off for when you need to give handmade gifts or inspire your friends or family to get creative too.

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A little bit about us

I am Krishna, the founder, and owner of skinIcare. After many years of trying to make my own skincare products, I was left disheartened by the unsafe recipes and upset over the money I had wasted buying ingredients that I was never going to use again!

I knew that I had to master this skill the right way and that too from the experts! So, I gained a qualification in Organic Skincare Formulation and formed skinIcare so I could share my passion and knowledge for skin safe recipes, and naturally derived and vegan ingredients with you.

We send emails like we create skincare. 

Essential, purposeful, and always worth the while.

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