Gift - 12 Months
  • Gift - 12 Months

    Our DIY Skincare boxes contain everything you need to make your skincare, saving you the hassle and waste of money of shopping around for ingredients, checking their details, and paying for delivery. All our ingredients are naturally-derived and vegan-friendly. This makes learning to make skincare fun, educational and safe! 


    Once you have picked a subscription plan, we will send out the 1st box out in the post 2-3 days after receiving the order. And then a new box will be sent out by the 5th of the following month/s.


    Each box will contain 3 new recipes. The recipes and directions provided are easy to understand and follow, we also include information about each ingredient. Because if you are anything like me, you want to know what you are putting on your skin. 


    Our DIY subscription boxes are the perfect gift for the makers in your life. A new project every month is a great way to keep showing your love! So why not send a gift that keeps on giving?! 


    The first month box will include a personalised message from you, handwritten by us and also a note detailing the chosen subscription. All our subscriptions are delivered for FREE within the UK. 


    Examples of some of the DIY Boxes that could be sent include:


    Bath - Bathbombs, Soap, Tub Tea.


    Makeup - Lip Gloss, Blush Cream, Glitter Lotion Bar.


    Clay - Mask, Deodorant, Toothpaste


    Face - Scrub, Toner, Cream


    Body - Bath Milk, Scrub, Body Butter


    Hand & Feet - Scrub, Balm, Cuticle Oil


    Eyes & Lips - Lip Scrub, Balm, Under eye gel.


    Spa - Face Steam, Massage Oil, Salt Bags




    *Boxes above and pictured are examples of what may be sent in terms of recipe. We are constantly updating our product range and product styles, therefore, a variation of product may also be sent. Please let us know if you have any special requests and we will try where possible to accommodate these.

    • The box includes the following items:

      • Easy to follow 3 Recipes recommended by us.
      • All the Ingredients to make those recipes (vegan-friendly)
      • A detailed process on how to make your products.
      • Natural Fragrance Oils - made from a blend of Essential Oils and Coconut oil.
      • Information about each ingredient and its benefits.
      • Colour and Silicone reusable moulds (if required).
      • Droppers/ Pipettes.
      • Help at any stage.


      Not Included, because you will have them in your kitchen: Bowls, Cups, Spatulas or spoons, Whisks, and other utensils.

    • We only deliver within the UK. 

      Delivery is currently FREE within the UK. 

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