• BATH Box

    When it comes to skin care, baths are therapeutic. They revive your body and soul, lift your mood or relax muscles and joints. This fun and creative box is full of nourishing, moisturising and skin kind ingredients to make your bath time special and indulgent. This box is suitable for all ages.  


    Our BATH BOX contains 3 DIY recipes and ingredients for:





    • The box includes the following items:

      • Easy to follow 3 Recipes recommended by us.
      • All the Ingredients to make those recipes (vegan-friendly)
      • A detailed process on how to make your products.
      • Natural Fragrance Oils - made from a blend of Essential Oils and Coconut oil.
      • Information about each ingredient and its benefits.
      • Colour and Silicone reusable moulds (if required).
      • Droppers/ Pipettes.
      • Help at any stage.

      Not Included, because you will have them in your kitchen: Bowls, Cups, Spatulas or spoons, Whisks, and other utensils.

    • We only deliver within the UK. 

      Delivery is currently FREE within the UK. 


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    Essential, purposeful, and always worth the while.

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