Hand and Feet Box
  • Hand and Feet Box

    This Pandemic has definitely taught us that washing our hands is very important. But is that all we need to do for our hands?


    Absolutely not, a hand care routine is as important as your skincare one! So this month we are going to be focussing on hands! We will be making:


    Orange Peel Powder and Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub: This oil-based scrub will exfoliate and moisturise the hands in one treatment. The addition of the natural emulsifier olivem 1000 means that the scrub will disperse well in warm water. In this recipe, we will be using orange peel powder which gently exfoliates and soothes irritated skin and Salts which are high in magnesium and sulfates so they not only soothe aches but also detoxify.


    Rose and Almond Cream: If you have really dry skin, this aromatic hand cream is the perfect quick fix. The formulation contains nourishing oil and glycerine in sufficient quantities to impart a moisturising film to the skin and help to protect against further cracks and damage


    Pumice Nail Buffer Balm: Our nails work so hard for us and we should spend some time caring for its health too. A shiny, smooth nail plate with healthy cuticles is the goal, especially if you find manicure hard to maintain or aren't a fan of nail varnish. This recipe should be used regularly and you will be amazed to see how polished and glossy your nails look. The Pumice stone powder gently exfoliates and scrubs very gently and the sweet almond oil and shea butter work very well at delivering tons of nutrition to the nail and cuticles.


    What’s included in the SKINICARE's DIY Box?

    All the Ingredients

    Step by Step Recipe for the products

    Information about each ingredient



    Quantity you will be making:


    Orange Peel Powder and Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub: 100g

    Rose and Almond Cream 50g

    Pumice Nail Buffer Balm 30g


    Suitable for: Ideal for all skin types. 


    How to Make Your Own Products?

    All the ingredients and step by step instructions will be included in the box. If you ever need further help, you can email us anytime at hello@skinicare.co.uk


    All our DIY Skincare Boxes make great gifts. If you would like to send this box as a gift, simply enter the deliver address of the person receiving the gift and your gift note, we will handwrite this for you and enclose it in the box





    • We aim to ship our box within 2 days by Royal Mail (2nd Class). Give it 3-5 days for the box to be delivered to you, once posted. If you have any questions you can email us at hello@skinicare.co.uk


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